Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Body Speaks and Wins

Stepping up preseason conditioning over the past few weeks, coupled with an intense work/family travel schedule, resulted in missing hip hop dance class tonight. I love hip hop dance class. Have re-arranged many things in my schedule to attend hip hop dance class. Even packed dance clothes in my carry-on bag a few times during work trips, and timed return flights, in order to drive straight to hip hop dance class from the airport.

The Leg -- 2010
However, bodies have limitations, and I plan to begin this third season after re-starting snowboarding injury-free. The past two seasons were not successful with this goal, mainly due to my uncontrollable excitement over the snow. Last season it was a bruised knee in November from an altercation with a corrugated pipe in one of the terrain parks at Timberline (Mt. Hood; see photo to right). The season before that it was achilles bursitis from October through December that developed after riding around at Loveland without a proper warm-up.

So, back to hip hop. Skipping hip hop class is such a big deal because it is my non-snow athletic happiness. I fully admit, it takes some hard work for me to get any semblance of swag, but at this point I'm keeping up with most of the moves, save for a few times where my arms and legs fly out like wacky, waving, inflatable, arm-flailing tube men (please refer to Family Guy for the accompanying comedic image to this simile). Hip Hop Dance by S.T.M., led by Shannon, Tara and Meghan, is most excellent for all skill levels (and for you interested Pittsburgh folks, class is on Tuesdays, 7:00 PM, at the Exercise Warehouse in Bloomfield; @HipHopDanceSTM on Twitter).


I returned to Pittsburgh with plenty of time to change into my dance clothes and drive to Bloomfield after my trip to State College earlier today (Tuesday). However, after Monday night's training Jb asked me to consider not dancing tonight since I pushed myself to the point of complete exhaustion during the core series. With all of the training over the past seven months (have been going strong since USASA Nationals this past March), and with my extreme excitement with the upcoming season, I decided to wait. I love hip hop dance class, but need to focus on my primary goal: rocking out on the snow. This round, the body speaks through its soreness, and wins. So instead of hip hop dance class tonight, I pulled the boards and wax station out of storage.

My snowboard happy place

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