Sunday, November 20, 2011

Those 180s are so floaty

Spatial awareness is a very important trait in general, especially when you're carving super fast down a course or jumping around on boxes or bouncing around during hip hop dance class. This is something that has required significant effort throughout my life (in part due to the poor logistics my body employed while growing, where the arms and legs grew three times as fast as my torso and I looked ridiculous until, well...the arms and legs are still really freakin' long). Coach Jb planned some spatial awareness training into my recent plyo workouts, including jumping around doing frontside and backside 180s off of boxes. Whenever I hit the jump just right, time and everything suspended while in the air. Although not quite at the level of awesome as demonstrated in The Art of Flight, those 180s just felt so floaty.

Because we're still waiting for some cold weather and snow to stick around in Western PA, hip hop dance class is a major focus, and all of the spatial awareness training is paying off. Although the "floaty" differs somewhat from doing 180s off of boxes, we still have our moments with the whole "hip" and "hop" aspects of the dance. Meghan added some nice moves to her choreo for Return of the Mac (see video below), with a couple of extra-floaty moments in the very beginning (around 0:10) and towards the end, around 0:57.

During last week's class Tara choreographed something awesome to Swagga Like Us, and we danced to the Jay-Z part. I especially love the battle dance style towards the end, and the floor routine required some detailed coordination. In the spirit of all of these snow dance and video competitions happening at our local resorts, I wore a pink beanie (despite dancing in a hot studio) in part to bring on some snow. We seem to be getting either lots of precipitation with high temps, or no precipitation with low temps. I hope this whole precipitation/temperature thing figures itself out soon, because it's time to ride!!!

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