Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally, we have some snow...sort of...

We finally have snow in western Pennsylvania!

Sort of.

December was full of travel and riding, and January is turning out to be the same. For the most part, the travel has coincided with the 40 to 50 degrees F days, and the riding also has coincided with some of the 40 to 50 degrees F days (with at least some snow covering the slopes). Snowboarding in the rain is less than fun, but I keep reminding myself to be thankful that I've been able to make at least a few turns this season.

There are a few posts in the works with updates on riding, climate and geology, how to keep up a healthy 2300 calories per day while on a crazy cross-country trip, and my World Wildlife Federation "Find Your Inner Animal" results, but those need some additional work before the meantime, enjoy the video from opening weekend at Seven Springs in December (featuring my bro, Michael, and his Atlanta crew):

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