Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nice Rocks

[Meant to post this last week but was caught working on other geoscience things...more regular updates on the trip to Nationals and events at Copper Mountain to be posted over the next week, check back soon for new updates!]

View from I-70 in Colorado
Coach sent photos from his drive along I-70 into the Front Range last week. I pulled out my Roadside Geology of Colorado book and sent him photos of roadcuts and descriptions of geologic features. There are some nice rocks out there. I am definitely looking forward to USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain, but also look forward to being a geology nerd when not focused on training and racing. 

Colorado geology is for later, though. Before jumping into details about the Front Range, I decided to post some more detail about my home mountain, Seven Springs. The Pond Skim was last Saturday, and it sounds like the weather was similar to the entire season: warm, wet, gray.

Geologic Map of the Donegal Quadrange, Pennsylvania (1962).
I read through the book that arrived with my quad for Seven Springs (a "quad", or quadrangle, is a map of a particular area). There's a nice section of the map that shows the location of Seven Springs... and the map reveals that most of our rocks are pretty old (Mississippian, 359 to 318 million years old). I particularly like the formation name for the pink areas on the map (Mauch Chunk; makes me think of ice cream, possibly with Nutella as a key ingredient, but this formation actually is made of red and green shale, and thin sandstone). The purple areas represent the Pocono Group (sandstones, conglomerates, and interbedded shales).

Seven Springs is located along the Laurel Ridge anticline (see my prior post, The Drive to 7 Springs...,  for more detail on anticlines and synclines). One new fact that I learned while reading about the region is that the Laurel Ridge anticline is called Briery Mountain in West Virginia (at least as of 1963), which is appropriate for coach (Jb = Jeff Brier).

Off to catch some sleep now, then leaving for the we go!


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