Thursday, March 1, 2012

Races and training and planning, oh my!

Ale and Jb at Snow Trails
The actual date on which the Christmas decorations are taken down is a pretty good indicator of how focused I am with my riding during any particular season. This year the magic date was February 20…not as ridiculous as 2009’s record (sometime during late March) although a major reason for packing up the tree and the ornaments was because they were in the way of accessing my wax station. 

January and February were busy months with the training and racing. Jb (check out his blog, the Mountain Athlete) and I had three major race weekends: January 21-22 for the Appalachian Series SBX; January 29 for the Western NY Series SBX; and February 12 for the SnowOhio Series SBX. We ended up with great results and a bunch of gold medals in the Masters Division for the race weekends, and currently are slated to receive bids from our home Appalachian Series for the USASA Masters Division SBX going into USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain, CO (first week of April). The following is some awesome in-race footage from the SnowOhio Series races at Snow Trails: 

This next month until Nationals is going to be filled with logistics, some training (including on-snow if it sticks around past the thunderstorms this weekend!), and good eating. There are a few videos of recent training through the parks at 7 Springs, check out the links below (they’re also posted on my YouTube page, HaleakalaRacing): 

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