Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yup, Banana Peppers

During check-in today for the first practice day on the USA Snowboard Association Nationals 2012 snowboardcross course, the person handing out bibs and lift tickets asked, "so, Banana Peppers?" They're listed underneath my name on the rider list as one of my sponsors. I just smiled and said yes, and told him that Banana Peppers makes a lot of good food that this hungry Ale needs in order to have enough energy for racing.

Tuesday was my last day in Pittsburgh before Nationals this year, and a friend of mine from work accompanied me for my "pre-Nationals" meal at Banana Peppers. She ordered the chicken parmesan, and I ordered the chicken romano. The plates looked so amazing that I had to take some photos to share with everyone:
Banana Peppers -- Chicken Parmesan

Banana Peppers -- Chicken Romano
It also was great to see everyone at Banana Peppers before leaving...they're definitely part of my "Pittsburgh family" (after having moved so much growing up, I've accumulated satellite families everywhere I go...). The nutrition from the creamy tomato basil sauce, and the protein from the chicken romano, definitely prepared me for the altitude change...going from ~1200 ft above sea level to ~9800 ft takes a toll on the body and having enough protein and fat to help the body deal is very important.

After picking up our bibs this morning, Jb and I rode around a bit for warm ups until practice started, and we kept progressing through the course today. To the left is a photo with our "" and "Peak Performance Personal Training" tagged snowboards. Below is the video of my final practice run of the day. That start section is quite a challenge.


  1. Nice! Enjoyed a bowl of Banana Pepper Rice Soup yesterday and thought about you.

  2. Go Ale!! Cindy Powell talked about you at the ORD town hall meeting today, and showed some info from your press release. A lot of your work colleagues were really impressed. We're all pulling for you back here! Good luck...

  3. Awesome, Barbara!

    And thanks, Dan...maybe we can arrange for a detail at the Albany site for some more training on Mt. Hood :-)