Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 USASA Nationals Recap Part 4: Tree riding finale (and more snow, please).

We spent the rest of our time at Copper riding through trees and exploring different areas of the mountain that still had ride-able snow. The trees and snow were fun, although our last day was very windy and icy (felt just like home on the east coast!). 

Tree riding is so great (and seems like it would be awesome for conditioning), but there were no opportunities for extensive tree riding out east this past season, given that even the groomed slopes were chopping up my board base with rocks. Jb and I took the opportunity for some GoPro fun in the trees, and we put together some videos with the footage (the first is my edit; the second is one Jb edited that has nice split-view footage).

According to, it sounds like we can expect some more uniform snowfall across the east coast next year, and more normal snowfall in the Rockies (so hopefully that means better conditions at Copper next April). An AccuWeather forecaster predicts that the winter of 2012-2013 should be colder across the U.S. compared to this past season.  In the NOAA 5.5 month outlook for Nov-Dec-Jan 2012-13 it looks like Pennsylvania has an equal chance of above, normal, and below average temperatures and precipitation, although we still are 5.5 months away so it probably would be a good idea to check back in a few months for some refined estimates.

Then again, we’re only 5.5 months away until it’s time to start riding again! (Or sooner, if I can make it back out to Mt. Hood before November…stories of my April 2012 visit to Hood coming next!)

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