Monday, August 13, 2012

La la la la...palooza

Summertime means summer music festival time, and this year we traveled to Chicago for Lollapalooza. In addition to spending time with some of our closest college friends (and the new baby, who I babysat at one point, which was least the baby was amused), an introduction to Intelligentsia coffee, being totally amazed by my friend's marathon aspirations, and having an opportunity to wear all sorts of different bandanas throughout the weekend…the music was incredible. The absolute high point for me was on Friday night– a gorgeous Chicago sunset turned to a perfect summer evening, and then BOOM! The Black Keys.

Orange Bandana Friday

Pink Bandana Saturday

Black Bandana Sunday
I started listening to The Black Keys after a suggestion from a friend a couple of years ago, and their rocky blues what-have-you style totally captivates me (and their albums repeat on a near-constant loop on my Spotify account). Then they came out with the Howlin’ for You video last year, in which Shaun White is, um, one of the “targets” for the femme fetale in the video, and I thought that was hilarious. 

From BV Chicago
In addition to the music during the show, the set graphics were incredible (some nice shots on BrooklynVegan Chicago, and there's a shot from my phone before the battery died, below).  I created a “The Black Keys Lollapalooza2012” playlist on YouTube, so you can check out some of the tracks if you haven’t heard them before. Some of my faves: Strange Times; Tighten Up; Lonely Boy; Ten Cent Pistol; I Got Mine…well, all of them really.

Chicago skyline and sunset before The Black Keys show
Set art during The Black Keys Lollapalooza 2012 show

Nick and I did the camp-out-at-a-music-festival thing and spent our first wedding anniversary camping with friends at Bonnaroo (Radiohead, Bright Eyes, Beck…incredible lineup there, too). Even though I was dying to go to Lollapalooza when it first started back in the early '90s, Mom and Dad refused to let pre-teen Ale go to a huge festival (with good reason). It's an incredible scene with multiple stages with a mix of really well-known acts, and really good but not-so-well-known acts. We even caught some hip hop right before having to evacuate Grant Park due to an incoming superthunderstorm on Saturday afternoon.

Before leaving for the airport on Sunday, we stopped by Grant Park to catch Gary Clark, Jr., another artist along the blues line with some amazing guitar skills. Now he, too, is being played on repeat on my Spotify playlist. 

This has been an eventful summer…although I’m definitely ready for the temperature to drop into the below freezing range.

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