Monday, September 24, 2012

Tonight's Low: 43˚F.

Ale riding in excellent snow conditions
during February 2011 (Canyons, UT).
Now that temperatures are FINALLY more reasonable (thank you, Earth), my hopes for a better winter than last year are starting to rise. By "better," I'm referring to colder, snowier conditions, so no offense to the warm-weather lovers out there (even though you have above-freezing for the majority of the year in Pennsylvania - now it's our time). Riding in the rain last season was miserable.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Whale Tail.

Why the whale tail? And how is Drea such an awesome artist?

MURI PARAOA (whale tail): speed, strength, sensitivity,
and a strong connection to the sea
Nick and I spent a few days in Aguadilla and Playa Jobos during a visit to Puerto Rico last year. We stopped by one of the surf shops, and during a conversation with the owner I noticed a rack of interesting necklaces. Although the necklaces were from New Zealand he told us that he appreciated the surf/ocean themes that they represented, and therefore wanted to sell them in his shop. The black whale tail necklace stood out to me, and he told me that the symbol is associated with speed and strength. I immediately thought about boardercross and purchased the necklace. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fight for it.

The International Snowboard Training Center posted something a couple of weeks ago that made me do a double-take while scrolling through my Facebook news feed. The information didn't make sense. Then additional trustworthy snowboard sources posted the same information. "X-GAMES CROSS EVENTS CANCELLED FOR 2013."

ESPN cancelled all cross events (boarder, skier, and mono) from the Winter X-Games. As the reality of the announcement hit, the social media sites went insane with comments.

SBX course at Copper Mountain, USASA Nationals 2012. Look at all of the riders ready to race.