Saturday, October 27, 2012

Video Artistry Part No. 1

The Dude: Who is he?
Maude Lebowski: Knox Harrington. The video artist. 
(From The Big Lebowski)
This is the first in a series of "Video Artistry" posts, inspired by some of the places I've traveled and scenes that I've seen during the off-season.

Now that I have Adobe Creative Suite on the computer, I figured it would be a good idea to learn how to use the Premiere Pro video editing software before the season starts.

The first video, titled "going home." tells the story of my drive home to Pittsburgh along I-376E.

Exiting the Fort Pitt Tunnel results in one of the most amazing views, and it is equally amazing on clear days, cloudy days, rainy days, night time...really, any time.

This is a compilation of video clips collected with my GoPro during the drive home from the airport, and the drive home from training at the gym, during the past few months. Lucky me gets to see the "oh wow look at that it's Pittsburgh!" view every time I take this route. And I love it.

The song is "Diamonds" by Ben Howard.

I tried different ways of mounting the GoPro in the car, and used the wrist mount and suspended the camera from the rearview mirror and the driver side door cargo handle. This is also my first product from working with Adobe Premeire Pro CS6, and after 8 hours of editing I'm ready for a break, although there still is some learning to do regarding color balance and clip transitions. One of the major things I learned during this editing session was the timing transition feature, which gave me a good amount of control in timing of the video clips to the music.

Any other ideas on GoPro mounting strategies for the car? Also, any tips on how to handle video frames that are too dark or too bright when editing GoPro videos with Premeire Pro?

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