Sunday, November 4, 2012

Video Artistry Part No. 2

The power of nature and strength of the ocean are very apparent after Sandy's rampage throughout the northeast United States last week. We felt a little bit of the storm in Western PA, although my heart definitely was with my NY and NJ friends and family, especially when the before-and-after photos were being posted on Facebook.

Photo from NowThis News. Credit: Daniel Edward Ekdahl, a friend of
NowThis News (Sea Bright, NJ). (Thanks to Laura Redman for sharing this photo!)
There are a number of volunteer efforts focused on helping send supplies to NY and NJ. If you have any direct links to pages for donations, etc., please leave the link and a description of the charity/activity as a comment to this post.

As for the second wave of learning the Adobe Premiere Pro software, I played with some shots of the Pacific Ocean collected with my GoPro along the Oregon Coast.

This wave of video editing learning focused on picture-in-picture, and working with transitions, titles, and adding logos:

That video is a snapshot of the Pacific Ocean on a calm day. However, things can get serious, quickly. As I mentioned in a prior post about my Oregon travels, tsunami warnings are a big deal on the OR coast.

We have many modern amenities that allow us to deal with the elements, but always need to respect the power of nature.

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