Sunday, May 12, 2013

2013 Season Recap #1: The magic 8-ball predictions were pretty close...

Unfortunately, at times we are our worst critics.

The magic 8 ball did a fairly good job with 2012-2013 winter weather predictions, even though it seems to be a bit critical of itself (see photo at right). The temperature flip flops became somewhat less extreme towards the end of the season, and late in December the snow finally started falling (and is still coming down in Colorado!). Although I don’t recommend the magic 8 ball as a rigorous scientific model, it did make me smile when my friend admitted to checking the app on her phone to find out if her recent journal manuscript submission would be accepted with minor corrections.

The weather situation in early December prevented any snowboarding at Seven Springs prior to the Great Southern Holiday Road Trip, so I worked with Jb in the gym to keep conditioned and ready for the upcoming race season.

It was really amazing to compare my physical fitness in December 2012 to my level at the end of last season, as I was lifting heavier weights and racing faster through my conditioning and plyo workouts. Taking progressive steps towards my goals for becoming faster and stronger resulted in a really big difference, and I’m really thankful for the gym plans that Jb designed for me throughout the year to help me reach these goals!

Jb giving me some tips on how to hold the bar for a front squat.
For the Great Southern Holiday Road Trip, husband Nick and I started with a few days at Snowshoe, WV, where we finally had some fresh fun snow to ride. All of my photos from this mini-vacation were lost during a catastrophic phone malfunction in January. However, thanks to the Facebook, Nick’s photo of me happily lying in fresh powder still exists.

Just relaxing after a day of riding fresh. 
We drove from Snowshoe to visit family in North Carolina, and then Georgia. My family definitely knows me well, as shown by some of the gifts they had waiting for me under the tree, and it was nice to spend some time with everyone, including my grandparents and the puppies. 

My brother, William, even participated in a plyo workout with me in the morning before we sat down for the family holiday meal. Nick and I drove back to PA in time for New Year’s, which we spent at Seven Springs with friends. There finally was enough snow on the ground to start riding, and with the new year and fresh snow I was ready for the season to begin. 

(Note: Jb started posting his season recap articles a couple of weeks ago, and you can check out his perspective on the season at

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