Sunday, June 30, 2013

Season Recap #6: Snow fun photos and thanks

Happy to ride
My success both during the season and year-round is due to some of the amazing people in my life. This post is full of the shout-outs, and some photos and video of post-race day fun at Copper.

The first thanks go to Coach Jb (Peak Performance Personal Training, and theMountainAthlete), as his guidance has been invaluable. I'm also very thankful for the love and support from Banana Peppers, and for Dave Calfo's encouragement and awesome helmet and board artwork (and mutual love for Never Summer snowboards). Thanks to Nick Langkamp for the pre-Nationals training, and being there on race day (and for lending his yellow-lens goggles that helped me manage the weird race day light conditions!). Willi's Ski and Snowboard Shop provided some fantastic pre-Nationals tuning, and Purl Wax kept me moving fast down all of the race courses this season. And, of course I have to thank my family for helping with training costs this season...thanks Mamita and Dad!

Husband-Nick deserves an incredible amount of recognition for putting up with my need to ride and race, and he provided excellent support throughout the year (especially during times when all I did was work, train, eat, and sleep, and barely had enough time to hang out with him). My brothers always were there to congratulate me along the way. I'm also thankful for my friends, and colleagues at the National Energy Technology Lab (U.S. Department of Energy), who encouraged me during my year-round training, and understood my need for the alternative work schedule so I could train and travel for racing during the season. Also, many thanks to Lynn from Team Canada for some of the excellent photographs during the medal ceremonies.

Finally, thank you very much to all of the Team Haleakala supporters ...who traveled with me (Eilis and Rebecca), trained with me, and are always there for me.

The following are some photos from our freeride fun time, and some video of the Open Class SBX races:

Husband-Nick picking out his lines.

Husband-Nick taking a break. 

His and Hers

Copper and clouds

Hiking to fresh snow

Fluffy = awesome

Ready for some lines

Serious about the powder



Colorado is beautiful. 

Still beautiful with the sunrays. 

Riding buddies. 

Open Class Boardercross USASA 2013 National Championships from teamhaleakala on Vimeo.

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