Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spreading the Love

I'm fortunate to have amazing friends. Two of these amazing friends are showcasing their art in upcoming events. 

They, and others, are representing Team Haleakala-style awesome from coast to coast. 

East Coast -- David Calfo
I met Dave through some other Pittsburgh friends, who kept telling me, "hang out with Dave, he snowboards." We started chatting through the Facebook and became friends, and Dave offered to transform my helmet into a snow leopard. He's also the guy behind the nice vinyl sticker detail on my Volkl race and Never Summer Legacy boards.
Dave painted the helmet. And designed the claw.

In addition to the riding and the creative, Dave also lives the "take care of the Earth" theme through his art, which is focused on creating new beautiful things out of old discarded things. His art will be featured at the 2013 Arbor Aid event on Saturday, November 2nd: four pieces at two different venues. I'll be there to check it out, and for any Pittsburgh people who want to check it out you can get tickets at (funds raised benefit Tree Pittsburgh).  

The Seeker by David Calfo
Soul Searcher by David Calfo

West Coast -- Andrea Fuenzalida
Drea is a friend from high school back in Chile, and she has been creating art for as long as I've known her (and also before). She currently lives in San Francisco, CA, and left her position as a graphic designer at a big company to focus completely on her art. Drea creates some intense images (we own the original Angel Spirits) and also is the mastermind behind the Daybreak Carve logo.

Angel Spirits by Drea

Daybreak Carve logo designed by Drea

Drea is involved with various art events around San Francisco, and on November 7 she'll be part of the In Flux night gallery in Fern Alley near Polk & Bush. She will be showing, selling, and doing art. The theme for the night is "healing," and she will have some street chalk for creating masterpieces. I won't be in San Francisco that weekend, but if you are check it out!

In Other News...
I passed out a bunch of stickers to people, and it looks like word is getting out about the site. Here are some shots of where the team is starting get some representation (even a little international flavor...):

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