Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Training 365: Guest Article by the Mountain Athlete

Preparing to ride is a year-round effort.

Even though the snow seems so far away during most of the year, the reward of being able to charge out of the gate on opening weekend (or whenever you have the chance to ride during the year) makes it all worthwhile.

Winters are short in Western PA, and the temperature keeps jumping around freezing (will it be rain? will it be snow?). Being ready to ride whenever the snow is available is one of the most amazing things, ever, and it felt SO GOOD to ride fast at 7 Springs last Sunday.

I asked Jb to write a guest blog article about how someone could prepare their strength and conditioning for the season. Apparently, a few others asked him the same thing. As in research, sometimes the correct answer is for a different question than the one being asked, which is what Jb discovered as he thought about "pre-season training tips." You can check out Jb's guest article here, and can learn about his other snowboard antics and coaching through and

Ready to ride. 

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