Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Live Olympic Snowboard Cross/Boardercross/SBX Action !!!

Watch some of the fastest, awesomest riders battle it out on a ridiculous course in Sochi.

Live coverage begins at 2:00 AM Eastern Time (U.S.) on Sunday, February 16.

If watching from the U.S., you can access 30 min live and free through (if you have a cable subscription you can sign in for unlimited access). Other countries can find their stations here:

Sunday February 16 (Women's)
2:00 AM ET Seeding
4:15 AM ET Quarterfinals
4:31 AM ET Semifinals
4:45 AM ET Finals

Monday February 17 (Men's)
2:00 AM ET Seeding
4:30 AM ET 1/8 Finals
5:01 AM ET Quarterfinals
5:13 AM ET Semifinals
5:20 AM ET Finals

Some of my favorite riders slated to compete:

The entire U.S. Boardercross Team: Nate Holland, Trevor Jacob, Alex Diebold, Nick Baumgartner, Lindsey Jacobellis, Faye Gulini, and Jackie Hernandez (GO USA!!!)

Great Britain: Zoe Gillings

Australia: Torah Bright and Alex (Chumpy) Pullin

Bulgaria: Alexandra Jekova

Canada: Dominique Maltais and Maelle Ricker

Norway: Helene Olafsen

Austria: Maria Ramberger

There is going to be some amazing riding.

p.s. I'll be posting video and updates on my USASA race season after the Olympics...but just a preview...I qualified for the 2014 Nationals at Copper Mountain!

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