The Whale Tail

See my post on The Whale Tail  for an explanation of the Daybreak Carve logo.
Whale tail necklace that I wear often.

Also, "Team Haleakala" appears throughout the blog (and my YouTube and Twitter)...the following is an excerpt from my blog post about the Haleakala theme:

The first time I heard about Haleakala was from Professor Ken Deffeyes, who attempted to convince me to study volcanoes because of my name (re-arrange the letters in Ale Hakala and out pops Haleakala). We were on the FRS 139 seminar trip to California during my freshman year in college, hiking around to see some awesome geologic features like the San Andreas fault roadcut and the Long Valley Caldera (even stayed at Mammoth Mountain during the trip, which is located along the southwest edge of the caldera). Although I ended up becoming an environmental geochemist instead of a volcanologist, Haleakala volcano is totally fascinating, and I’m reminded of it daily when passing by the Ansel Adams print hanging in the entryway of my apartment. When coach Jb suggested developing a team name for boardercross racing, Haleakala seemed appropriate.

Crater of Haleakala by Ansel Adams

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